Need a pet sitter and live in Temperance, Michigan
or near Toledo, Ohio?

My new house is also a short drive from Lambertville,
Monroe, Ida or Blissfield Michigan.

Desperate for a vacation but can't bear to
leave your best friend in a kennel?

Do you worry about them having
accidents inside all day?

Is your small dog alone all day while you're at work?

If you answered yes to any of
these questions please read on.

A special note to all my past customers, after 12 years of pet sitting and living in Oregon, Ohio, I have recently moved to Temperance Michigan. For some of you it will be closer other just a short 25 minute drive from Oregon. I hope you will still bring your babies to me for I have grown to love many of them after watching them for so many years. Thanks My new phone number is 734-847-4387 if no answer please email me.
We treat every pet as our own.
Professional pet sitters an alternative to kennels. You finally have the option
to leave your pet at home in his familiar environment or if he needs a little
more attention he can stay at ours.

When your pet stays with us he will have our undivided attention, he can go outside
to run and play in our large fenced in yard or come inside to take a nap.

Because we are not a kennel, you will not find any cages or pens here, just 24/7 pampered pets.

Because some of the pets I care for are small 3 pound cuties I watch only
small and medium dogs in my home.

Still not convinced about your pets care?
Check out our pet photos to see some of our many happy canine customers,
then check our guest book for some testimonials by their owners.

Pet Pampering's customer's testimonials

If you've read some of the testimonials and checked out the pet pictures perhaps you'd like to see some video clips of dogs having fun at Pet Pampering.
Pet Pampering's cute videos of pets.
More cute and funny pet videos.
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Other Services
Are you busy working all day long while your dog is all alone? Why not give him some fun inexpensive doggie day care 1 or 2 times a week. ( small dogs only)

Doggie Day Care Class 2009

Contact me at 734-847-4387

or you can email me here

Want to know more about me and my life with my 3 Pomeranians check out my blog more
pet sitter's blog for pet lovers.

Why should you use us instead of other pet sitters? Most other pet sitters have one option to come to your home 3 times a day. Is that what you really want for your pet? Even if he does nothing but sleep all day he should have someone who can let him out whenever he wants and give him that 24/7 care.

Pets here decide when they want to go out and at night they are welcome in my bedroom with me where they can sleep on either of the two couches in my room right next to my bed or if they prefer in a bed or crate that they are used to sleeping in.

And there are the other kennels who advertise no cages or pens but the dogs are still put in a small room with a clear door. What if your pet gets sick in the middle of the night or has to go out?

You can rest assured all dogs that stay here I have met with first to make sure that they are compatible with other small dogs.


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