About Me
Hi, My name is Sue Huss and I live in Beverly Hills, Florida While I've owned dogs all my life it wasn't until around 15 years ago I decided to start my pet sitting business.

The idea for the business came to me when I wanted to go on vacation but couldn't bare to leave my Pomeranians in a kennel. At the time that was pretty much all you could do. There were pet sitters but they only came to your home three times a day and for the rest of the day your pets would be left alone. I didn't like that idea either. While I eventually talked a friend into staying at my house I don't think she was really a dog person. I don't think she spent much time with them either.

When I returned from my trip I thought there must be other people who feel like I did. I thought why not start a business that cares for dogs in my house. I had three dogs already but my house was big and I was sure a few more wouldn't make a difference. Luckily my husband thought it was a good idea also. We had no neighbors (just farmer's fields) so the dogs wouldn't bother anyone if when they went outside and barked a little too much.

This was the beginning of my pet sitting business. It has been the best job I ever had, in fact I can't really call it a job. I love dogs and cats. I watch small dogs in my house without any cages or pens. I treat them as if they were home, just 24/7 pampered care. I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel when some dogs return for a second or third time and actually run up to my front door. Sometimes their owner wants to say goodby to them but they are too happy running around my house with my dogs.
I feel I am blessed with the greatest job in the world. Although I wish I could care for all dogs at my house my Pomeranian Megan is very intimidated by large dogs.

Kennels may be cheaper but they'll never get love and attention that I give them at my home.