Fun Days At Pet Pampering

The following are videos shot at different times with different dogs in the past 8 years.
Some of my frequent visitors are seen in more than one video.

This is my grandson over Christmas and he just wants to play fetch with Cooper who is not cooperating.

Ricky & LuLu Kralik 2 Schnauzers playing together.

Max playing with a large ball.

Diva a Boston Terrier loves playing with her toy.

Rocco, Kelly, Kona & Molly playing in yard at Pet Pampering

Kelly & Rocco playing in house at Pet Pamering

Scotty Lageza playing with my dogs Megan & Bria.

Cezar Pinkerton playing with his new brother Cappy,
while Precious referees from the couch.

Max a energetic Daschund playing with Tiberius in the house on a rainy day.

Teddy Castaneda a playful Poodle with Megan.

Cappy a 3lb. Yorkie commands respect & love from Molly a Beagle-Pug.

Celestine Pinkerton playing with Scotty Lageza.

Mango & Prissy playing in the yard on a warm summer day.

Pepper an older Beagle who just likes to play by himself.

A Daschund named Brutus playing tug of war with Gidget a Yorkie.

Max Tutera an energetic Daschund just met Bean Bailey a Boston Terrier and they have become great buddies.

Bo a Yorkie playing with Talon a Maltipoo.

Some dogs just love playing by themselves. Coco a Daschund loves to play with a ball or a toy.

Max & Brutus Daschunds with Molly & Kona 2 Beagle/Pugs.

Sometimes the bond between a dog and his toy can sometimes be cute and funny.

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