More Fun Days At Pet Pampering
Chewy and Roxie
Tubby, Lil Girl and Ozzie at play.
Roxy playing with Toby, Max and Teddie.
This video has many stars Reagan loves to chase the ball, Cooper loves to chase Reagan chasing the ball, Toby loves to steal the ball so no one can chase the ball and Megan loves to chase the stick that throws the ball. Ricky & Lulu the Schnauzers prefer to referee the craziness.
Just like the name of the song Paradise I think this might be a little Paradise for the dogs.

Who's Chasing Whom?
Ziggy a Snitzu puppy loves to run and be chased.

Cappy a 3 pound Yorkie has the grip of a pit-bull.

Bo and energetic dog plays with everyone.

Megan really loves Coco or is it "Just His Imagination?"

Bear just loves to play with his toys by himself.

Toby Krieg runs with many. The cast includes Prudence, Ricky, Lulu, Bella & Ozzie.

Small Yorkies are always in charge. Tigger really loves Cappy.

Talon loves Coco but Megan is a little jealous at first.

Zoe playing with Teddy.

Cappy Pinkerton learns to retrieve a ball.

Zoe plays with Ozzie.

Cappy the Yorkie loves to play catch me if your can with his brother Cezar and keep away with Myles the Daschund.

Bentley is a Yorkie who doesn't really like to play with other dogs, but that didn't stop him from falling in love with my dog Precious.

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